22 February 2010

World map of Chant Scholas

We have had enquiries from all over the world about linking to the GCN, and I have added a category of 'overseas friend' to our list of scholas.

There is in fact a world map chant scholas which was started by The Church Music Association of the USA. I added the Schola Abelis to it some time ago; it even displays your logo (if you have one!) on a panel on the left. Whereas I constructed the map of UK scholas myself, with information I requested from the scholas, this is is for scholas to fill in themselves, so the less technologically oriented may be left out. However, I would encourage all our affiliated scholas and our overseas friends to mark themselves on this map.

Zoom in and out with your mouse wheel (or the little buttons bottom right); move the map by 'dragging'.

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    Greetings from Germany