30 June 2010

Now seven scholas inside the M25!

I have just added three more scholas to our list of affiliates and the map, by coincidence all of them are based in London. This brings the total in London to seven, which is very heartening.

The St Bede's Schola at Clapham Park and the Schola of the Knights' Chapel at St John's Wood (the chapel of the Order of Malta at the Hospital of SS John & Lizzie) have been on the map from the beginning; they were quickly joined by the LMS London Schola, an ad hoc group whose membership overlaps with the previous two but sings at Corpus Christi Maiden Lane and elswhere, and the choir of Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen, the church of Fr Tim Finigan.

I have just added St Mary's Latin Mass Choir, which boasts a website, and two very exciting initiatives of Jennifer Smith of the Royal College of Music. One is a Chant workshop at Ealing Abbey, whose participants form a schola for special occasions at the Abbey. The other is an official 'chamber group' at the RCM itself, which is working towards singing liturgically at nearby churches.

For more information on the Ealing Workshop please email Jennifer Smith: je.ma.smith@care4free.net

There are now 28 choirs and scholas on our map, which covers England, Wales and Scotland - including the Orkney Schola. I am waiting to hear back from two more groups in the South West who should bring the total to 30; if you have a group please let us know!

As with all the groups listed on this site, if their details aren't available on the web email us and we will forward the message to the organisers and put you in touch.

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