29 July 2010

Scholas in the South West

When I first created the Map of Scholas, the South West was a completely empty zone. Rather oddly the scholas I knew about all seemed to be in the middle of the country, keeping away from the East and West coasts.

But that has now changed, and I'm particularly pleased to advertise the existence of two schola in the South West singing at the Traditional Mass: one church-based one in Warminster, founded and directed by the Parish Priest, Fr Bede Rowe, and one peripatetic schola, in South Devon.

Fr Rowe's modest church of St George's in Warminster now has a Traditional Mass every Sunday evening; his (mixed) schola aims to sing at about quarterly intervals.

The South Devon Schola sings every Sunday, including at the monthly Sunday Traditional Mass at Buckfast. The great Abbey Church of Buckfast is the most remarkable example of neo-Gothic architecture, actually built on the foundations of a medieval Abbey church a century ago.

Neither has a website, but we can put readers in touch with them.

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