24 January 2011

St Bede the Musician

From an email.

I am writing to you in my capacity of the Chair of the Friends of Bede's World, a museum in Jarrow which celebrates the life and times of Bede. Amongst other things, we arrange public lunchtime lectures on the last Saturday of the winter months. In our wisdom (or foolishness) we decided to theme this year's lectures under the banner of "Bede the Musician"

I'd like to invite the North East Early Music Forum to attend the lectures. They are free of charge, once you are in the museum (entry to the museum costs £5.50 for an adult, with concessions for the unwaged and families. Of course, you could become a Friend of the museum, paying a single £15.00 per adult which gives you free entry to the museum for a year), and I think we have an exciting programme:

January 29th, we have Gordon Jackson speaking under the title "Chad and the Angels": Gordon is a poet who has translated most of Bede's Latin hymns into English

March 26th, we have John Rowlands-Pritchard speaking under the title of Bede and Monastic and Roman chant. John is also running a workshop on Gregorian Chant, for which there will be a cost

On April 1st the Durham Singers are holding a concert in St, Paul's Church, Jarrow, including some modern choral settings of Bede's texts

April 30th, we have Katherine Barker speaking under the title "Aldhelm of Malmesbury, poet and composer: setting the scene for Bede's World of Music". Katherine has recently supervised a recreation of Aldhelm's "Carmina"

And on October 29th, we have Carl Phelpstead of Cardiff University: no title as yet, but he's promised something on secular music of the period

Thank you for taking the time to read this email

Further information on the website:

Yours faithfully
D. Richard Walsh

Friends of Bede's World

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