02 June 2011

Pope Benedict: more on Sacred music

The Holy Father has written a letter to the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music on the occasion of its centenary. As well as reiterating the 'primacy of Gregorian Chant' he makes a point familiar to readers of his book 'The Spirit of the Liturgy':

[W]e always have to ask ourselves: Who is the true subject of the liturgy? The answer is simple: the Church. It is not the individual or the group that celebrates the liturgy, but it is primarily God's action through the Church with its history, its rich tradition, and its creativity. The liturgy, and thus sacred music, 'lives from a correct and constant relationship between healthy traditio and legitimate progressio'...

There is more on the Vatican Information Service blog; I can't find the letter on the Vatican website yet. It is frustrating not to be able to see the whole letter.

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  1. Zenit has posted an unofficial English translation here: