02 March 2015

Antiqua Laus

Photo: Gruppo vocale "Antiqua Laus"

We have recently been sent some information and recordings by the Italian choir "Antiqua Laus", who specialise in Ambrosian and Gregorian chant, and sacred polyphony. The choir was founded in 2008, initially in order to give voice to an ancient codex of Ambrosian chant, which had been discovered at the parish church of Coarezza (Varese).

Since then, Antiqua Laus have recorded several CDs, of which the first was Jesu dulcis memoria (Universal, 2009).

They have also been involved with the publication of chant manuscripts, which have appeared in three volumes in the series Quaderni di Storia del Territorio Varesino:

  1. San Sebastiano: liturgia solenne di rito ambrosiano (2010);
  2. Monasteri Fruttuariense del Seprio (2012);
  3. Canonica San Vittore - Bedero in Valtravaglia (2014).
This latest volume includes a facsimile edition of a thirteenth-century Ambrosian antiphoner, and is a considerable addition to the published corpus of medieval Milanese chant. The book is accompanied by a CD, featuring Vespers and Mass in honour of St Victor, sung by the choir with organ improvisations by Alessandro La Ciacera from Milan Cathedral; and also by an interactive DVD. The next project will involve one of three fifteenth-century antiphoners from the Collegiata di Castiglione Olona (Varese).

The choir thus continues to recover and enrich the repertory of Ambrosian chant through scholarship, concerts, recordings and liturgical performance.

More information is available at the group's website: http://www.antiqualaus.com/

Please click on the links below to hear some of their recordings:
Magnificat (with alternatim organ versets)

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