14 May 2015

New publication: a revised edition of "Plainchant for Everyone" by Mary Berry

The Royal School of Church Music has just announced the publication of The RSCM Guide to Plainchant: An introduction to plainsong.

From their website:
A revision of the seminal and best selling ‘Plainchant for everyone’ by Dr Mary Berry, the leading plainchant expert who died in 2008. This new edition, revised by one of Dr Berry’s pupils, John Rowlands-Pritchard, is re-set with improved and clearer layout. It also includes a new anthology of plainchant that singers and choir directors will find invaluable. Cantors, in particular, will find this book essential reading. Mary Berry, CBE (Sister Thomas More) (29 June 1917 – 1 May 2008) was an Augustinian canoness and noted choral conductor and musicologist. She was an authority on the performance of Gregorian chant. John Rowlands-Pritchard was a pupil of John Stevens at Cambridge, and gave lecture demonstrations of Professor Stevens’ isosyllabic interpretation of mediaeval monody. He studied the performance of early chant with Dr. Mary Berry, illustrating her lectures and broadcast talks, and sang and recorded regularly with her specialist group Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge as Cantor, and continues to give masterclasses in Plainchant across the country for the RSCM.

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