28 November 2010

Thought for the week

"Even though, as one can see, there are long and short notes in Gregorian Chant, as in all speech, it is not on this object that we should focus our attention. Who dreams of scanning his words while speaking? It is sufficient that one takes care to pronounce them well and distribute them well according to the natural divisions of the phrase."

Dom Pothier, architect of the Solesmes revival of Gregorian Chant, 1880.

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24 November 2010

Masterclass in Sicilian Chant

Master class Medieval Mediterranean Chant techniques - Graindelavoix on Friday, November 26th from 10am till 5pm

On Friday November 26th 2010 the ensemble graindelavoix organizes an exceptional master class for singers and all interested people in De Singel, Antwerp. Subject are the fascinating chant traditions of 12th century Palermo (Sicily).

We will work on the vocal and modal techniques of these repertoires:

· Italo-Byzantine chant

· Moroccan and Tunisian sufi chant

· Norman-Sicilian Chant

Björn Schmelzer, together with Adrian Sîrbu, Hassan Boufous and Marius Perterson, singers and international specialists of these repertoires, invites all kind of singers and voice types to join.

The master class can be joined without foreknowledge. Also passive participants, interested non-singers, are welcome!

Next to vocal techniques, modal traditions and ornamental practice we will concentrate on the context of these kind of repertoires.

Info and registration (free!) via mail to Hendrik De Rycker: hendrik@graindelavoix.be or via phone: +32.(0)485/79.28.08

On Friday evening November 26th in Bozar and on Sunday November 28th graindelavoix will perform concerts with these repertoires.

See also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wwflzqqBmI&feature=related : a fragment of this repertoire performed by Adrian Sîrbu and graindelavoix.


Supported by Stad Antwerpen, Moussem Festival and De Singel - Artesis Hogeschool.