30 December 2010

Pope Receives 'Pueri Cantores'

From the Vatican News Service's Blog:

VATICAN CITY, 30 DEC 2010 (VIS) - Today in the Vatican, Benedict XVI received participants in an international congress of the International Federation of "Pueri Cantores", currently being held in Rome.

The Pope addressed the group in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish and Ukrainian. "As you use your talents and your faith to sing God's praises, you give voice to the natural desire of every human being to glorify Him, with songs of love", he said. "Yet beautiful music is able to express something of the mystery of God's love for us and ours for Him, as we are reminded by the theme chosen for your Congress: 'Deus Caritas Est'".

"Always remember that your singing is a service. Firstly, it is a service to God, a way of giving Him the praise that is due. It is also a service to your fellow worshippers, helping them to raise their hearts and minds to the Lord in prayer. And it is a service to the whole Church, offering a foretaste of the heavenly liturgy that is the goal of all true worship, when the choirs of angels and saints unite in one unending song of love and praise".
AC/ VIS 20101230 (210)

23 December 2010

Chant CD now back up on LMS site

With the move to a new site, the Latin Mass Society temporarily lost the excellent selection of chants done by John Tennant. These are now uploaded onto the new site on a special page of their own: Chant Dowloads.

This is one of the most useful selections of chants available: it includes the Asperges and Vidi Aquam, Masses I, II, IV, XI, XVII and XVIII, the Ordinary of the Requiem, Credo I and Credo IV, all four Marian Anthems in both Simple and Solemn tones, a selection of commonly-sung chants from the back of the Liber Usualis and the Domine salvam fac - the prayer for the Queen sung at the end of Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Some of these, like the Domine salvam fac and Solemn tones of the Marian Anthems, simply aren't available on other chant selection CDs.

John Tennant, who sings regularly at St Bede's, Clapham Park, is very clear in his singing and is unaccompanied.

All for free! In MP3 format.

22 December 2010

Chants for priests

'Windsor Latin Mass' has on their website some very nicely produced sheets with Collects, Epistles, Gospels, Postcommunions etc. set out in full to square notes for the priest to use.

An excellent initiative!

See here.

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