09 April 2018

Successful Chant Training Weekend


This year's Chant Weekend was led by Chris Hodkinson of the Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge, and Matthew Ward of Mayfield School. It is sponsored by the Latin Mass Society.


Some of the more experienced singers were able to practice conducting, and took it in turns to conduct in the final Mass of the weekend.


More than twenty singers attended, a good showing for this event. It amounted to an enormous choir for the Masses, and a big body of singers to sustain Compline and Vespers.


Singers attended from the Schola Malverniensis, the LMS Schola of Canning Town, the Schola Abelis of Oxford, the St Bede's Clapham Park choir, and many others.


This year's weekend fell on Low Sunday weekend: last year's, and next year's, on the weekend before Palm Sunday (in the EF, Passion Sunday). The dates for 2019 will be 5th to 7th April.


The training runs in parallel to the St Catherine's Trust Family Retreat, and a number of singers had family members attending that. The Retreat provides an audience and a number of 'live' liturgies for the singers to accompany.


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